Monday, March 17, 2008

here's a great way to spend 5 minutes of your time

Today I received an e-mail from the P.D.A. – as opposed to from A PDA – we’re not talking about thingies, we’re talking about the Progressive Democrats of America.

Anyway when I received the e-mail it looked like one of those cheesy chain e-mails (pass this on to five people) but I decided I might as well take a look (the ol’ email has been a bit arid since the spam filter was upgraded) and lo and behold it was a e-mail petition to seeking 10,000 signatures asking congress to pull all funding to the war in Iraq AND pull all U.S. forces out of the said “war on terror”. I of course being the radical liberal that I am signed it without hesitation.

Now the best thing about this petition is it’s like a “sit in” but you can do it from home, so it’s more… like a “fax in”.

Please if you want to help end this stupid war sign the petition and post a link on your very own blog to help spread the word – here’s what the PDA suggests:

1. Fax an image to Congress that visually expresses how you feel about the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

2. Email your Representatives by signing our "Out of Iraq" petition on the right side here:

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hope. Despair. Peace. War.

Hope. Despair. Peace. War. We say they mean something to us, but do they? We become outraged as we watch a helpless puppy being thrown off of a cliff in Iraq. We scream injustice and demand punishment. Yet, how many thousands of Iraqi children do we brush off as collateral damage? What do we do? NOTHING!

How can we say we are free when we have to keep our mouths shut out of fear of our government?

How can we say we “fight for liberty” when we sacrifice our own freedoms to do so?